Although I cannot say what anyone can afford or not, the answer is that help is always available. Sometimes we just need to be more creative, as some treatments can be super expensive (e.g. a three week admission).

Some helpful thoughts:
• A good antidepressant can cost less than R100 ($10) per month
• The state facilities have excellent medications available, sometimes even medications that are too expensive for medical aids to provide to their members
• State facilities can offer longer admissions than private clinics
• All trends in mental health points increasingly to outpatient treatment and de-institutionalization. Outpatient treatment- also group treatment- will become more accessible for all (even online e.g. Zoom). This means that the group share the cost- which makes it much more affordable
• Negotiate with your doctor/ psychologist. Doctors do not discriminate against private patients (it is unethical in any case)- and it could be surprisingly liberating to negotiate for your treatment.

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