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Depth Psychiatry

There is much power in a group. Since the beginning of time, people have performed various activities and rituals in groups. We have become more individualistic in the Western world, and many shy away from group activities. Do not fear; we allow everyone to express and expose themselves as they feel comfortable in all groups.

All of our groups are concerned with “inner work”; therefore, we focus on our inner processes.

The various groups have different outcomes in mind, and you will be well-informed of precisely what the group is about before joining.

Benefits of group therapy and coaching

Realizing you are not alone with your suffering

Unconditional support


Learning from others’ experience

Relieves the sense of isolation that we experienced the past two years with COVID

Social activities seem to increase longevity

Accountability- you are missed if you do not come

We offer the following groups

8-Week MBCT Register

12-Week Adult DBT Register

12-Week Adolescent DBT Register

Don't suffer alone

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