Is the DSM-5-TR an Improvement on the DMS-5?

The much-anticipated DSM-5-TR have been released, and we are wondering whether it will be an improvement on the disappointing DSM-5.

Here are two articles that appeared recently in the, and the answer is short (and not so sweet).


Psychiatric Times
By John J. Miller, MD

The American Psychiatric Association is publishing its next iteration of DSM: DSM-5-TR. It feels like a lot less than 9 years since the publication of DSM-5, but I remember how disorienting it was when it came out. I am still grieving the loss of the 5 axes from the previous DSMs, and I would reinstate them in a heartbeat. Maybe this grief is somehow related to the newly added prolonged grief disorder. To read more click here.

Is DSM-5-TR Worth Buying?

Psychiatric Times
By Allen Frances, MD

My short answer is “No,” you do not need to buy DSM-5-TR, the text revision of DSM-5 that went on sale this week. You don’t need it for help in diagnosing your patients or getting paid for treating them. And, you do not need it for proper coding; just about all the codes for official disorders are exactly the same as the ones that are already provided in your DSM-5. To read more click here.

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