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Depth Psychiatry

Psychotherapy is the treatment of mental disorders (and/or suffering) through techniques that utilise the relationship between the patient and the therapist.

Depth psychotherapy is a much more intensive approach. It accesses the patient’s subconscious mind and aims to bring to light the ʽroot causeʼ of the patient’s suffering.

Intensive Patient/therapist relationship

To use a metaphor, when we’re drowning in our problems, psychotherapy can give us the tools to stay afloat. Depth psychotherapy, on the other hand, looks at the reasons why we are in the water and why we haven’t yet learned to swim. Ultimately, depth psychotherapy teaches us to swim. Depth psychotherapy is a highly specialised service.

The therapist also receives many years of individual therapy and analysis to ensure they’re able to provide the appropriate ʽspace’ for their patient’s process. Depth psychotherapy is not for the faint hearted, but it is an incredibly rewarding journey.

Accessing the subconscious mind

Depth psychotherapy uses dreams, films, fairy tales, symbolism and myths to access the subconscious mind. For example, I use modern day mythology and symbolism such as lyrics from punk or metal music, movies like Star Wars, superheroes and tattoos in my analysis (if they appeal to the patient’s interests).

We can discuss the possibility of embarking on psychoanalytic psychotherapy during a consultation. For Jungian coaching >>

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