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Jungian coaching and personality typology

Two of my favorite modalities- coaching and Jungian psychoanalysis have been brought together by Dr. Avi Goren-Bar, founder of the Jungian Coaching school in Israel. This potent form of coaching ticks all the International Coaching Federation’s criteria for coaching.

This fantastic process quickly accesses the unconscious mind to enable clients to find solutions for their dilemmas.

In a Jungian coaching session, we use tools such as symbolic thinking, archetypes, feminine and masculine (anima and animus traits), and shadow work.

I also offer personality typology by using the Enneagram and MBTI.

The Enneagram is an ancient system that states that there are reasons for our behavior, which come from three different irritants or personality pearls. These pearls include the heart, brain, and gut. Each pearl gives rise to three personality types. Thus there are nine Enneagram types. The Enneagram is a powerful tool to show pathways for personal growth.

The nine enneagram types are

Type 1 | The reformer

Type 2 | The helper

Type 3 | The achiever

Type 4 | The individualist

Type 5 | The investigator

Type 6 | The loyalist

(There is also a counterphobic Type 6)

Type 7 | The enthusiast

Type 8 | The challenger

Type 9 | The peacemaker

The Myers Briggs is a personality test based on Jung’s personality theory. Jung coined the terms introvert and extrovert, which was groundbreaking in psychometric testing. According to Jung, there are eight dominant cognitive functions.

The MBTI expanded the eight chief cognitive functions into sixteen types:

The Rationals:

  • ENTJ The commander
  • INTJ The architect
  • ENTP The debater
  • INTP The thinker

The Idealists:

  • ENFP The champion
  • INFP The mediator
  • ENFJ The giver
  • INFJ The advocate

The Action Seekers:

  • ESTP The persuader
  • ISTP The crafter
  • ESFP The performer
  • ISFP The artist

The Duty Seekers:

  • ESTJ The director
  • ISTJ The Inspector
  • ESFJ The caregiver
  • ISFJ The protector
The enneagram and MBTI types represent archetypes

These services can benefit any person interested in using Jungian concepts or wishing to learn more about their personalities. After the first session, the client can decide whether to book more sessions. Personality typology typically consists of three sessions.

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